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Connecting Dots

Business VoIP
Phone Services

If you are ready to realize the benefits of VoIP and be rid of your outdated phone equipment and lines, you’re ready for the RADIANCE difference!

Make the move to a more reliable and

cost saving way to stay connected

Call Center Headset

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Tired of Paying Exorbitant Amounts of Money to Telecom Giants for Long Distance Calls?

You can say goodbye to expensive company phone bills with a simple switch to VoIP phone services from RADIANCE. Among the features you gain with Hosted VoIP and Hosted PBX from RADIANCE are:

  • Voicemail

  • Auto Attendant

  • Direct Inbound Dialing

  • Desktop Console

  • Call Routing

  • Message Waiting Indication

  • Hunt Groups

  • Caller ID

  • Call Queuing

  • Multi Call Appearance

  • Daylight Saving Time

  • Follow Me Forwarding

  • Custom Hold Music

  • Click to Call

  • Day/Night/Holiday Switching

Want the Ability to Work From Your Cell Phone with Pro Features?

Let us show you how you can make as many calls as you need from anywhere in the world…all for the same flat-rate monthly fee. That’s right. Work from your beach house, your favorite coffee shop, or even the comfort of your own living room. Your customers will have the same professional telephone experience they would if the call was made to or from your business’ headquarters.

Still Not Quite Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Desk Phone?

RADIANCE recognizes that change can be hard. That’s why we also offer standard desk phones equipped with all the features you need to propel your business communications forward. Our standard desk phones are equipped with the following features:

  • Call Forward

  • Call Hold

  • Speakerphone

  • Call Log

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Waiting

  • 3-way Conferencing

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Headset Jack (RJ11)

  • Mute

  • On Hook Dialing

  • Auto Answer

  • Busy Call Forward

  • Phone Book (400 Entries)

  • Phone Lock/Unlock

  • Speed Dial

  • Password

  • Volume Control

  • Administrator Password

  • Named Ring Groups

  • All Page/Intercom

  • Call Park and Pickup

  • Inbound Caller Name

Desk Telephone_edited.png
At the Office

Business VoIP Enabled Phones Simplify Work for Your Employees

VoIP phones make processes simpler. The integrations and automation available for VoIP phone services give your staff flexibility and can save them time. Best of all, any internet-capable device can be used as a phone – translating into real-time cost savings for your business.

Thinking Some New Hires Are in Your Business’ Future?

Not a problem. RADIANCE's Hosted VoIP and Hosted PBX grows as you grow! You will find our services are:

  • Scalable: Expanding or reducing your service is as simple as a few clicks in the control panel.

  • Commitment-free: Our VoIP services are available on a month-to-month basis with no minimum commitment. You are not tied down to a long-term contract that might not suit your business in the future.

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